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                                                               KP energy saving system
                                                               KP60G General inverter
                                                               KP90G elevator inverter
                                                               KP200 controller
                                                               KP80G controller
                                                               KP-60G X cutting inverter
                                                               KP-BR controller
                                                               KP Special servo drive
                                                               KP Permanent magnet servo
                                                              Asynchronous servo inverter
                                                              KP escalator controller
                                                               Japan Sumitomo pump
                                                               KP Lathe special inverter
                                                              Lathe Servo
                                                              Energy Japan
                                                               KP90G parameters
                                                               KP60G parameters

                                                              Escalator controller
                                                                To meet the requirement of GB16899.
                                                                Applicable to all kinds of escalators and moving walkways.
                                                                Using high performance industrial controller.
                                                                The isolation of the CAN communication function,strong anti-interference ability.
                                                                Plug-in terminal, convenient field wiring.
                                                                The extended interface rich,reserved for the RS485,RS232 and other communication interface.
                                                                With operation parameters can be copy function,convenient debugging.
                                                                Liquid crystal display operation,friendly man-machine interface.
                                                                Operation and fault detection and display system is optional,convenient debugging and maintenance.

                                                              Technical parameters
                                                              Main power input
                                                              Rated voltage
                                                              Control performance
                                                              Control mode
                                                              Through the control panel can choose,driving or frequency inverter drive.
                                                              Time resolution
                                                              By controlling the time of run parameters panel set,0.01.
                                                              Velocity resolution
                                                              By controlling the speed of run parameters panel set.
                                                              Distance resolution
                                                              By controlling the speed operation of auxiliary parameters panel set,1mm.
                                                              Control input signal
                                                              Switch input signal
                                                              Photoelectric isolation,“0”level0~2mA,“1”level4.5~8mA
                                                              Pulse input signal
                                                              Photoelectric isolation,Maximum frequency: 10000Hz,pulse amplitude:18~24VDC
                                                              AC input signal
                                                              Output control signal
                                                              Relay output terminal
                                                              Power source or relay,voltage: DC24V
                                                              Connected with the contactor,voltage: AC220V

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