KP servo electric hydraulic...
                                                               KP energy saving system
                                                               KP60G General inverter
                                                               KP90G elevator inverter
                                                               KP200 controller
                                                               KP80G controller
                                                               KP-60G X cutting inverter
                                                               KP-BR controller
                                                               KP Special servo drive
                                                               KP Permanent magnet servo
                                                              Asynchronous servo inverter
                                                              KP escalator controller
                                                               Japan Sumitomo pump
                                                               KP Lathe special inverter
                                                              Lathe Servo
                                                              Energy Japan
                                                               KP90G parameters
                                                               KP60G parameters

                                                              KP80G energy feedback device
                                                                 The energy feedback device using USA TI company 32 dedicated DSP chip control.The main circuit adopts advanced German power module (PIM) assembly,and the use of current control type PWM active inverter technology,the technology to overcome all the disadvantages of SCR active inverter. High reliability,strong protection function,and has the characteristics of high power factor sinusoidal current,non pollution to power system etc..

                                                              Function characteristics:
                                                                Digital DSP control.
                                                                Voltage closed loop control, tracking and feedback the grid braking energy.
                                                                Control software PLL,high speed,high precision tracking of power grid frequency.
                                                                Soft start technology of current loop,inhibition of grid connected current impact.
                                                                Perfect protection and alarm function.
                                                                The man-machine interface display and operating parameters.
                                                                The feedback voltage threshold adjustable function.
                                                                Programmable input output.

                                                                Elevator brake.
                                                                Lifting equipment and oil well oil extraction machine such as potential energy load.
                                                                Power network feedback type electronic load.
                                                                Combined to the grid.
                                                                Replace the brake resistor.

                                                              input power
                                                              Grid voltage
                                                              Three phase 380V
                                                              Grid frequency
                                                              Current feedback control method
                                                              Sine wave current control and closed loop PID control
                                                              DC voltage control mode
                                                              The DC bus voltage feedforward control and closed loop PID control
                                                              Feedback threshold voltage
                                                              620~700Vby panel settings,continuously adjustable
                                                              Fan control
                                                              Temperature control and electric start in two ways
                                                              Module over temperature protection
                                                              The digital input
                                                              2 programmable port,functions can be set
                                                              The digital output
                                                              1 programmable digital interface,functions can be set,the maximum output current of 100mA;1 relay output,Chang Kaichang closed can be set
                                                              Operation record
                                                              The general feedback,work time,accurate to minute
                                                              Communication interface
                                                              Operating parameters
                                                              Copy,paste system parameters
                                                              Status indication
                                                              Power,setting,fault,feedback,operating parameters to five indicating lamps.
                                                              Operation monitoring
                                                              The effective value of DC bus voltage,power grid,power grid phase line voltage,current effective value feedback,feedback power,module temperature,power frequency parameters
                                                              Parameter setting
                                                              The setting voltage,frequency of power system,digital programmable port function
                                                              Fault display
                                                              20 fault recording
                                                              The installation environment
                                                              Interior,the elevation is less than 1000m,no sunlight,no electric dust and corrosive gas.
                                                              -10~40℃,good ventilation
                                                              Ambient humidity
                                                              The following 90%RH (no dew)
                                                              Below 0.5g

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