KP servo electric hydraulic...
                                                               KP energy saving system
                                                               KP60G General inverter
                                                               KP90G elevator inverter
                                                               KP200 controller
                                                               KP80G controller
                                                               KP-60G X cutting inverter
                                                               KP-BR controller
                                                               KP Special servo drive
                                                               KP Permanent magnet servo
                                                              Asynchronous servo inverter
                                                              KP escalator controller
                                                               Japan Sumitomo pump
                                                               KP Lathe special inverter
                                                              Lathe Servo
                                                              Energy Japan
                                                               KP90G parameters
                                                               KP60G parameters

                                                              Waste heat recovery energy-saving injection molding machine drying system

                                                                It consists of heat recovery parts,transmission parts,control parts,injection molding machine barrel can be heat use,can be completely energy-saving drying barrel for drying and electricity consumption.
                                                                The heat collecting cover,a hot air conveying system,automatic cooling system,hot air automatic compensation system,electric control system,including the structure of the device filter device.
                                                                ①Gathering heat cover---The heat collecting barrel out walking.
                                                                ②Air conveying system---The collected heat through the fan to the drying barrel,used as the drying of plastic raw materials.
                                                                ③Automatic cooling system---When the collection of plastic material drying heat energy exceeds the normal temperature,the system will automatically work drying temperature,resulting in material drying temperature is normal.
                                                                ④Hot air compensating system---When the drying temperature is not enough,can automatically compensate the recovery of hot,in order to make baked sizes reach normal.
                                                                ⑤Filtering device---Filter material barrel blowing dust,keep the floor clean.


                                                                Electricity:Heat energy recovery and utilization;using high efficient heat collecting technology;save electricity.
                                                                Cooling:Reduce heat emission;using energy closed-loop control technology to reduce the temperature of a workshop.
                                                                Environmental protection:Filtering recycling flow;temperature devices to keep workshop clean and efficient air filter.


                                                              Injection molding machine:HT80T    Desiccant capacity:50KG    Plastic:ABS 85Degree
                                                                per hour
                                                              Install front
                                                              Install After
                                                              Energy saving
                                                              Energy saving ratio




                                                              Monthly province electricity

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