KP servo electric hydraulic...
                                                               KP energy saving system
                                                               KP60G General inverter
                                                               KP90G elevator inverter
                                                               KP200 controller
                                                               KP80G controller
                                                               KP-60G X cutting inverter
                                                               KP-BR controller
                                                               KP Special servo drive
                                                               KP Permanent magnet servo
                                                              Asynchronous servo inverter
                                                              KP escalator controller
                                                               Japan Sumitomo pump
                                                               KP Lathe special inverter
                                                              Lathe Servo
                                                              Energy Japan
                                                               KP90G parameters
                                                               KP60G parameters

                                                              KP energy-saving electromagnetic heater
                                                              Working principle:
                                                                  It adopted the electric energy into magnetic energy,the magnetic energy is added to the rigid body induction heating a heating method.From the fundamental solution to the electric heating plate,electric heating coil resistance type through the low efficiency problem of heat conduction mode.
                                                                Under the same condition,the preheating time is shortened 1/3,improve labor productivity.
                                                                The actual energy saving effect can reach 60%,reduced the cost of production.
                                                                Equipment for heating surface temperature is reduced to the part can be touched with the hand.
                                                                The dismantling of the electric heating ring,saved a sum of expenditure.
                                                                  The product is applied to electric heating equipment,heating equipment,heating,chemical clothing medicine manufacturing,mold heating device heating, heating of food,heating,heating pipeline steel;wire production extruder,extrusion machine heating;thermoplastic plastic pipe,profiles production of heating.

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